img 02Gerard Carter Community Center

The Gerard Carter Community Center is a 20,000 S.F. Community Center developed by the New York Housing authority (NYCHA). It is located in the Stapleton section of Staten Island. This New Building was dedicated and named to honor a fallen NYPD Police Officer who was killed while serving and protecting the community and it's residents. The Center provides a regulation-size basketball court, performance stage, weight room, dance room, computer learning terminals, arts & crafts room, music recording studio, a kitchen and cafeteria for the Center's patrons.

The Gerard Carter Community Center serves the tenants of Stapleton Housing Complex and residents in the Stapleton section of Staten Island. The Center has classrooms for dancing, arts & crafts, and computer learning terminals. It also has a weight room, music recording studio, regulation-sized basketball court, a performance stage, a full kitchen and cafeteria for the Center's patrons. The Center is program packed. To keep it from the outside elements, the Higher Roof assembly includes pre-finished standing seam metal roof on 3" rigid roof insulation roofing, 5/8" exterior gypsum wallboard, and 3" metal deck. Middle and lower roof assemblies include built-up roofing on 3" rigid roof insulation and 3" metal deck.

The gymnasium includes six (6) regulation-size basketball backboards and basketball court, a performance stage with boy's and girl's changing rooms at each side of the stage and accordion bleachers for the audience and spectators. Architectural materials include sound attenuation boards wrapping around the gymnasium walls, 8" concrete masonry units (CMU) for interior wall finish, free floating athletic hardwood flooring system, electronic score board and game timer/ All areas of the gymnasium floor, performance stage, changing rooms, bathrooms, and showers are handicapped accessible and adaptable as per federal guidelines and laws.

The classrooms are visually connected by transparent glass partition enclosures. Each classroom's activity, the floor material & finish are specifically designed and installed. Classroom activities include computer learning, dancing, games, arts & craft, recording studio, and weightlifting.

The dance room's floor uses the floating athletic hardwood flooring system. The floating system rests freely without anchorage to a concrete substrate. Through subfloor components and various elastomeric pads, the system's key benefits is shock absorption and resiliency.

The Center's common lobby is the central gathering place for all the spaces within the center. The East view of the interior common shows the sunlight floods into the space and brings a sense of warmth into the Center. At the same time, the sunlight provides natural heating for the space during the winter months. The common is equipped with heavy duty steel benches for eating around the curve perimeter facing the exterior courtyard and playground. Architectural materials includes slate floor tiles, steel column covers, perforated steel benches, aluminum glass storefront partition for the class rooms and exterior wall facing the courtyard, 8” polished concrete masonry units (CMU) interior wall finish, and acoustical ceiling tiles.

Exterior: (Main Entrance)
The Center's lower exterior wall components include 8" concrete masonry unit (CMU), 2" rigid insulation, and brick finish. Upper exterior wall components include 8" concrete masonry unit (CMU), 2' rigid insulation, and 3-1/2" insulated metal panels. Landscape work includes metal railing, metal gates, concrete sidewalk & walkways, concrete benches, grass sod and tree planting.